Canoeing and Kayaking Adventures in Saskatchewan

Kayak Adventures

Saskatchewan has many opportunities for kayak adventurers. The northern part of the province is rugged and isolated. Many areas are not accessible by road, but you can get there by bush plane or by boat. Much of this region is within the Precambrian Canadian Shield. The white water rapids of the Churchill River north of the 55th parallel is a true highlight for any kayaker.

The enchanting call of the loon on any of the 25 lakes within Meadow Lake Provincial Park provides memories that will never be forgotten. Meadow lake is not quite so far north and very easily accessed by highway.

Prince Albert National Park is the largest national park in the province and has numerous waterways that can be travelled by kayak. “Beaver Lodge,” the site of Grey Owl’s cabin, is located on Ajawaan Lake. (for routes to Grey Owl’s cabin see The cabin can be reached by a fairly substantial day hike or by kayak or canoe.


Southern Saskatchewan is more populous, but there are still many places to go on a getaway. The quiet beauty of the many lakes of the Qu’Appelle Valley just north of Regina provides one example and there are other notable possibilities in and around Moose Jaw, North Battleford, Saskatoon, Swift Current and the Cypress Hills – and still many more. Check it out for yourself.

Saskatchewan has over 100,000 lakes and countless rivers and other waterways and you are never far from an opportunity for a kayak excursion.

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